Client Agreement between Polaris Asset Management LLC and


The client agreement is an integral part of the Disclosure Statement filed with the Securities Division of the State of Washington. The Disclosure Statement should be read in its entirely prior to entering into an agreement with Polaris Asset Management LLC.

This brochure provides clients with information about Polaris Asset Management LLC and Robert Doggett. The information provided this Client Agreement has not been passed nor approved by the Securities Division of the State of Washington nor has the Division passed upon or approved the qualifications or business practices of Polaris Asset Management.


Polaris Asset Management LLC

P.O. Box 22376

Seattle, Washington 98122

(206) 361-8994

Robert Doggett

A Washington State Registered Investment Representative of Polaris Asset Management LLC.

Client Agreement

The client(s), ญญญ___________________________________________________________________________

Represent(s) that he/she has authority to enter into this agreement.

Services Provided

The asset management program includes the design, construction, asset allocation, implementation, and monitoring and ongoing management of investment portfolios.  All of our services are rendered on a best efforts basis. Our advice and portfolio management will be based upon the information, documents, and risk guidelines you provide.

Asset management program

These services include the design and continuing review of an investment portfolio initially consisting of agreed upon assets. Assets will be allocated with your financial objectives and constraints, time horizon, risk tolerance, and prevailing economic conditions.

You will receive monthly or quarterly statements from your broker-dealer. We will implement and manage your investment portfolio and make recommendations for the placement of new funds should they become available. We will remain available by telephone, e-mail, or meeting to answer questions about strategies and performance of the assets we manage. When applicable, you are expected to provide timely approval or disapproval of our recommendations and signatures when required to execute your decisions. All information and recommendations furnished by Polaris Asset Management to you and all information furnished to you by Polaris Asset Management shall be held in confidence and shall not be disclosed to third persons except as required by law or by your prior written consent. Should you terminate our Asset management program, we will have no further responsibility for monitoring existing assets or recommended investments, nor for providing future recommendations to sell, hold, or buy investment assets.

You agree that we may deduct our quarterly or ongoing fees by debiting your account. Fees will be paid quarterly in arrears.

Trading Authorization

We require limited trading authorization from our clients to direct purchase and sales of securities on their behalf.

Acknowledgements and Procedures

The advisory, planning, and monitoring work provided by Polaris Asset Management is based on judgment, and Polaris Asset Management does not guarantee or make assurances concerning the results of recommendations.  Polaris Asset Management and Robert Doggett will not vote proxies for clients.

You expressly understand and agree that Polaris Asset Management is not required to render any legal advice nor prepare legal documents for you. Similarly, you agree to rely on your accountant or tax attorney for tax advice. Tax preparation is not included in our services.

Potential Conflicts of Interest and Participation or Interest in Client Transactions

Polaris Asset Management does not  earn any profit from buying or selling shares of stocks and bonds. Polaris Asset Management is not a general partner in any partnership investments recommended to clients. There will be no hidden fees to clients, and any fees earned by Polaris Asset Management as a result of purchases in limited partnerships will be fully disclosed to clients. Polaris Asset Management will not simultaneously buy for its own accounts securities being sold by clients, nor will it simultaneously sell for its own accounts securities being bought by clients. Recommendations to clients may differ from one client to another due to the unique circumstances relating to each client. Polaris Asset Management and/or Robert Doggett anticipates buying and/or selling for personal and/or business accounts many of the same securities that will be bought, sold, or recommended to clients, though the suitability of different investments for various clients will vary according to their objectives and tolerance for risk.


Termination of Agreement

The client may cancel this agreement without cause and without penalty at any time.  Management fees will be charged for the time the account is maintained by Polaris Asset Management. 

Mediation/ Arbitration

If a dispute arises out of or relates to the agreement described herein and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, then the parties agree to first try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation through a to-be-agreed-upon arbiter. This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of Washington. This does not constitute, however, a waiver of any rights provided by law, including the right to choose a forum in which to seek resolution of disputes.

Disclosure Statement

The undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt of Polaris Asset Management's Disclosure Statement and such document is incorporated herein by reference.

Fee Schedule for initial and ongoing asset allocation and management

3/4% per year, or .001875 % of total account value paid quarterly. The client is expected to pay all transaction fees owed to the broker dealers. These fees may change from time to time, but at present they are $5 to $10 for online orders of any listed security.

Responsibilities and Rights

Clients retain rights provided them under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and other applicable federal and state statutes.

Polaris Asset Management LLC will not be responsible for the acts, omissions, or solvency of any broker, agent, or independent contractor recommended by Polaris Asset management in good faith in order to negotiate or consummate any transaction for you account.

Polaris Asset Management LLC will not be held accountable for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations by third parties or their material. We do not, however, disclaim unlawfully any liability imposed by applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.

Non-assignment Clause

No assignment of this contract shall be made by the investment adviser without the signed consent of the other party to this contract.


The services above do not include services such as: acting as executor, trustee, or attorney-in-fact; projects requiring extensive research and/or coordination with other professional advisers; acting as an expert witness.

Entire Agreement

This client agreement embodies all understandings and agreements between you and Polaris Asset Management LLC, and the terms may not be amended except in writing by either party. You acknowledge receipt of a copy of Polaris Asset Management's disclosure statement.



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Client Signature_______________________________________________________________________

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Accepted by:

Robert Doggett

Registered Investment Adviser, Polaris Asset Management LLC


Date: ______________________________________________________________________________