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Articles of Interest to Clients of Polaris Asset Management

The Market: 

An essay which describes how mutual fund companies deceive clients and the media about their wrongdoing:
Fund Spin

A good article on the importance of the term "fiduciary" when you are choosing a broker or financial advisor:
Fiduciary Obligations


Financial Planning:
This essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages of working with an investment professional, versus being a do-it-yourself investor:
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Seeking Professional Advice in Managing Your Investments
The following piece eloquently discusses the relationship between money and happiness:
Coming To Terms With Your New Wealth
On the pros and cons of investing in annuities:
Annuities Give Income Security, But at a Cost
Pros and cons of separate accounts:
Scandal Proofing with Separate Accounts
A good article on using ETFs to balance and diversify a portfolio
Using Exchange Traded Funds
A critique of the "separately managed accounts" being sold by full-service brokers:
Separate But Unequal

Nuances of Investing :
This link contains good information about fluctuations in value of municipal bonds:
Municipal Bond Valuations
This article discusses exchange traded funds vs. actively managed funds:
Get off the Sidelines and into ETFs
The link below discusses web resources for investors:

An interview with the successful manager of a socially-conscious mutual fund:
Investing With a Conscience

A primer on bank sold financial services and investment products
Be Careful What You Buy in a Bank

An article on what to look for in a firm's financial reports:
Dissecting a Balance Sheet


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